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Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

We all know the importance of drinking water, but what about drinking water on an empty stomach? can this really do miracles for the health and wealth of your body.



I want you to imagine a tube or a pipe that everything that you’ve been eating has to go through this tube, over time we start getting debris where things start to stick inside that tube, those toxins start to accumulate, this tube goes from the throat all the way down the stomach into the intestines, now the purpose of flushing that water in an empty stomach is to clean that debris to get rid of those toxins to allow your body to repair and heal.


The Japanese culture has been doing this for centuries, the first thing in the morning when they wake up they drink a good two cups of water at room temperature, not hot nor cold just neutral, they do this as a ritual, drinking water the first thing in the morning will get rid of bloating, as it flushes toxins getting rid of that distension around the stomach.


Drinking lemon and water or even apple cider vinegar and water has positive effects which will also help you with weight loss.



Drinking water first the in the morning will have a detoxifying effect on your body, not only helping with your bowels but your skin as it helps clear the pores and keeps the skin clear. The majority of your body is made up of water, your body craves water after a long nights sleep.

Dehydration is major cause muscle pain and headaches, the cells of your body need hydration to help the organs function properly and if you’re constantly feeling tired you’re looking for that energy, start drinking that water first thing in the morning, this will help fire up your body by helping to reduce your weight, as water has no calories drink plenty of it as it flushes out those toxins, it will help reduce acidity as well as increasing your metabolism so your body can burn calories faster, this will keep your immune system strong, keeping you from illness, it will also prevent kidney stones as well as UTI’s (urinary tract infections) as it will keep your urinary system functioning properly.

Water makes up for 1/4 of the hair and if insufficient intake of water, this can make your hair strands brittle and weak.

Your brain is made up of 70% water and when is dehydrated your brain activity does not work the same, so if you’re experiencing fatigue or have mood fluctuations, drink plenty of water which will help with thinking clearly.

Try it, drink water first thing from waking in the morning and you will notice that many of your symptoms that you are suffering will start to disappear, remember majority of your body needs water!

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