Is honey vegan?


Is honey vegan?

The answer to is honey vegan is a big NO. Vegans do not eat or use any animal or insect products due to the exploitation, abuse, and yes this happens to the precious honey bees too.


Why vegans don’t eat honey

There is a number of reasons vegans don’t eat honey, here are some of the reasons.

  • Bees make honey for themselves, not humans!. Bees have no way to give consent to produce and provide honey specifically for humans. This is exploitation of another creature yet once again
  • The process of extracting honey from a hive is extremely stressful for bees. Commercial methods of honey collection destroys hives and kills many bees.
  • Bees are often given a sugar substitute to replace the honey humans have taken, this lacks all the essential nutrients they need.
  • Most often, beehives are culled after harvest to reduce costs and increase profits.
  • To stop the worker Bees following their Queen it’s often common practice for the Queen bees to have their wings clipped to prevent them from leaving their hive and not returning.
  • Selective breeding of honeybees is massively impacting other nectar gathering creatures and destroying the environment by spreading disease and competing for space and food as they don’t often live in harmony with wild bees.
  • Honey is a source of nourishment for bees. If they did not have it, they would starve.
  • Forced pregnancy-in order for this to happen the male bee is crushed to extract his semen then artificially inseminated into the Queen Bee.


So remember the honey that you buy in supermarkets, the bees that would have made this for themselves to consume over the winter months, these bees will most likely be culled in the Autumn or the Queen bee will be killed so her follower bees will go and serve in another hive.

Buying honey does not help Bees or the environment, Bee keeping is not natural in any way. The ways we can support Bees is to:

  • Plant as many bee-friendly flowers in your garden.
  • Do not use chemical and pesticides that will kill bees.
  • You can provide a hive, but you must leave the bees to it.
  • If you see a Bee on the pavement that is tired which you can usually tell by the slow or lack of movement, take them inside and give them some sugar solution which the Bee will usually take from a teaspoon, this sugar solution helps by giving the Bee a quick burst of energy.



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